Stellar system:


If we think deeper, each of us knows that everything and even science is nothing but collective imagination of humanity, which is trying to explain all around us. Astrology is a great story about totally different scales. We created plenty of tools to find material evidences to our imagination.
I used the basic tool - telescope in these frames. Everyone who deals with this tool gives his attention to the image in the viewer only when it is directed to the sky to see objects like stars, comets and planets. But not a child which attentively observes even if the telescope is directed somewhere else. Observing from another point of view opens completely new universe.
Here are some planets from stellar system NOVA III.
NOVA III: Beginning
ARTIM Flux: Peripheral Expansion / 08.10.2019 - 29.11.2019

They say, "The macrocosm of the universe is mirrored in the microcosm of the mind" which can be applied to "NOVA III", the immersive installation by Emin Mathers raising the question around the place of the human energy and its potential of materializing imagination in the macrocosm which can refer both to the whole universal system and the society. The photo installation creates an experience of high perception of limitless eternity.
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Music: Aphex Twin - Stone in focus
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